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Learn with Glen
Terms & Conditions

- Unless 48 hours notice is given, any cancellation will be charged at your current lesson rate.


- Payments for lesson/s must be made upfront, if not done so, the lesson will not be given.

- Your instructor has the right to withdraw the tuition car for the day of your driving test, if, in the instructor's opinion, the candidate is not deemed to be fit or be at the required test standards.

- Your instructor cannot be responsible for lesson cancellations due to mechanical breakdowns, but will endeavour to find a replacement vehicle as soon as possible with no loss of fees.

-The instructor will abide by an equal opportunity policy and will not discriminate against race, colour, gender or sexual orientation.

- Your instructor will provide the pupil with a duel controlled car in a clean roadworthy and tidy condition.

- Your instructor will present themselves in a professional manner and of smart appearance.

- Learn with Glen has a strict no smoking policy. 

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